Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the tickets refundable or transferable?

    • Tickets for the World Gamefowl Expo are non-refundable but they are transferable.

  2. How many days is a Day Pass valid for?

    • Each Day Pass gives the visitor access to the World Gamefowl Expo, World Pigeon Expo & PetCon for one day only. Once an online ticket has been scanned and a wristband issued, the online ticket will no longer be valid for other days.

  3. Where can I check my tickets?

    • We send a copy of the tickets to your email. Just click on the button on the email to access them. You can also check all your purchased tickets through your profile: Log in by using your mobile number or email address. No need to set a username or password!

  4. Can I purchase tickets at the door?

    • Yes. You can buy tickets at the venue during the event proper. The line for visitors who purchased tickets online will be different from those who will buy tickets at the door.

  5. What payment methods do you accept?

    • We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB), bank transfers, and multiple mobile payment options like GCash, GrabPay, and Maya.

  6. What identification is required for entry?

    • Holders of Senior and PWD tickets must show their ID upon claiming their event wristband. Their ID must match the one that was uploaded when the ticket was purchased online.

  7. Do I need to print my online ticket?

    • No, you don’t need to print your online ticket. Just make sure to save an offline copy on your phone, which you will present for scanning at the ticket counter. Event wristbands will be issued upon scanning of the tickets. The wristband must be worn at all times for the duration of the event.

  8. Where do I claim my free wrist strap?

    • Your free wrist strap will be given to you at the ticket counter when your ticket is scanned.


  • Exhibit hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm (lobby opens at 9:00am)

  • 1 ticket per person, including children (infants can enter without a ticket)

  • No slippers or sleeveless shirts allowed

  • No bringing of food and drinks purchased from outside World Trade Center Metro Manila

  • No pets allowed

  • Visitors assume all risks and hazards inherent in attending the Expo and do not hold the organizers, its employees or suppliers liable for any injury, damage, loss and/or illness to their person or property

    It is understood that all visitors are attending this event at their own expense and risk. The Organizers will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by a visitor as a consequence of their own actions, or that of third parties including those used by the Organizers, and other persons used by other third parties; loss or damage as a consequence of failure to comply with

    instructions given by the Organizers, or a failure to observe the rules of propriety that are generally applicable; loss or damage caused in any way by other visitors; loss or damage as a consequence of force majeure

  • The Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person for failure to follow the guidelines or for what ever reason they deem fit


  • Exhibit hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm (ang lobby ay magbubukas ng 9:00am)

  • Isang ticket kada tao. Pati bata ay kailangan ng ticket para makapasok (ang mga sanggol ay hindi kailangan ng ticket)

  • Bawal ang nakasuot ng sando at tsinelas

  • Bawal ang pag dala ng pagkain at inumin na galing sa labas ng World Trade Center Metro Manila

  • Bawal ang pagdala ng alagang hayop

  • Ang lahat ng bisita ay malayang pumiling pumunta sa event na ito. Ang mga Organizer ay hindi mananagot sa kahit anong pagkawala o pinsala sa bisita dahil sa kanilang sariling aksyon, o sa aksyon ng kahit sinong tao kasama na ang mga kumpanyang gamit ng Organizer, pati ang mga tauhan ng mga kumpanyang ito; pagkawala o pinsala sa bisita dahil sa hindi pagsunod sa mga alituntunin ng Organizer; pagkawala o pinsala sa bisitita dahil sa aksyon ng ibang bisita; pagkawala o pinsala dahil sa mga sitaasyong gawa ng Diyos (force mejeure)

  • Ang mga Organizer ay pwedeng ipagbawal ang pagpasok ng sinuman na hindi sumusunod sa mga patakaran ng Expo